Why is everyone going crazy over injection therapy and what it really does to you…

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Many of us have heard by now all the buzz by the media over B12, B-Complex, and Lipotropic injections for weight loss, but is all this true or is it just another gimmick to sell people things that do not really work? In this article we will explore what each injection is and what is does specifically to your body.

According to scientific research and studies these three injections can in fact bring many health benefits besides the weight loss. Some of the health benefits include helping you to deal with stress, better sleep, allows the body to heal better, helps in the building of muscle tissue, cleanses the liver, lowers cholesterol, etc.

With so many injection options it is confusing sometimes determining which injection is best suited for your own personal cause. Let me break them down to you so next time you shop for your injection therapy it will be as easy as ordering food.

First let me introduce B6 and B12 injection therapy 

(when I say therapy I mean weekly applications of the injection of your choice for an extended period of time)

B6 and B12 are for those folks who need to shed extra pounds in a healthy and stress-free way. So both B6 and B12 provide our bodies with an extra dose of the vital vitamins our body needs to metabolize fats and carbohydrates. When B6 is absorbed into our blood stream in a continuous basis it allows our bodies to burn more of the fat deposits. Our bodies will digest food at a healthier pace, and it will store less fat in the long run. When B12 is absorbed into our blood stream 7 days at a time, it provides your liver with the extra vitamins it needs to flush out fatty deposits. B12 also provides your body with long lasting energy. At https://www.myskinandbeyond.com our patients in B6 and B12 injection therapy every 7 days, experience an average loss of three pounds each week!


We have all heard the buzz on B-Complex injection therapy

but what is it really good for?

B-Complex is for those folks who find themselves having to wind up in the mornings and have very high levels of stress in their lives. B-Complex vitamin is the most wanted vitamin by our bodies. The reason for this is this vitamin cannot be stored in our bodies so replenishing this vitamin is highly important specially for the people who lack energy and have high stress. The B-Complex injection is an aid to help our bodies heal, recuperate, and rejuvenate. A healthy well-conditioned body burns fat efficiently therefore paired with B6 and B12, B-complex allows better absorption of B6 and B12. On its own this injection therapy is essential for wellness. At https://www.myskinandbeyond.com our patients have given feedback of this therapy aiding with handling high levels of stress, it allowed them better sleep, and their bodies healed faster. This therapy is usually recommended for people who are looking for a healthier way to achieve body restoration and overall wellness.


Now the famous Lipotropic Injection Therapy

So…Lipotropics are part of the B-Complex family. The difference is that this particular injection does wonders specifically for your liver functions. Lipotropics are responsible for three jobs: lowering your cholesterol levels, helping your liver purify your blood, and removing fatty deposits from your liver. In 12 weeks with this therapy your liver will be able to remove 8 pounds of fat!! But losing weight and lowering cholesterol is not the only side effect of this therapy. On Lipotropics you will experience a feeling of satisfaction when eating, as well as getting an excellent night sleep. Lipotropic injections at https://www.myskinandbeyond.com are usually recommended to our patients on our weight loss program. The reason behind this is individuals on a weight loss program any kind of weight loss program requires you to have a clean liver.

So there you have it! All the injection therapies available at https://www.myskinandbeyond.com. Now you will never be confused about what is their function and you will know exactly what to order next time you are at your favorite medi-spa! If you have any further questions about this or any other beauty topics don’t hesitate to call us at 949.215.3500 or e-mail us at skinandbeyond@gmail.com or visit our website https://www.myskinandbeyond.com, or enjoy our daily beauty tips on https://www.facebook.com/skinandbeyond








Dermal Filler Time?

Before and After Filler

Have you ever wondered how movie stars have such a complexion?

It must be through expensive surgeries or products that contain gold in them. Fortunately that is not always the case. Many of the treatments that the stars use are currently available to all of us for a very reasonable price. The question is not can I afford it? but what to get!

Drinking more water and anti-aging creams cannot do the work on their own. They need help from our science techs who have innovated and perfected cosmetic procedures that reserve aging much like a time machine would!

What procedures work instantly and like magic?

Let me introduce Botox and Fillers.

Botox and fillers are a simple, yet powerful, way to reduce the signs of aging and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. When used properly, these treatments can provide patients with a youthful fullness to their complexion that will leave others guessing their age.

Below, we’ve included three ways to help you determine whether Botox and fillers are the next step for you on your journey to aging gracefully.


Your go-to routine isn’t working for you anymore.

As young adults, most of us learned how to take care of our skin, and more importantly, what to do to prevent it from aging prematurely. However, when you hit your mid to late twenties, a process known as physiological aging kicks in. As the natural aging process continues, you may begin to notice subtle signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

While these premature signs of aging can be warded off by practicing good skin care, consuming plenty of water and trying resurfacing treatments, such as microdermabrasion, these methods will not last forever. If you are at the point where your fine lines and wrinkles are unaffected by basic skin care, it may be time to visit your local aesthetician.


You’re open to treatments, but not quite surgery.

This point is pretty self-explanatory. If you want a more vibrant, youthful appearance but are nowhere near ready to undergo surgery, injections may be the best option for you. In fact, more often than not, when patients come in for a surgery consultation with Dr. Gitlin regarding the signs of aging, they end up being referred to our expert injector, Frida Nasseri, R.N. This is due to the fact that most concerns regarding an aging complexion can usually be addressed through non-invasive procedures.

You feel like your skin is lacking “oomph.”

If you are currently contemplating receiving Botox and fillers, you may have answered the question of “when” for yourself. Ultimately, you know your skin best and what makes you feel confident about the way that you look. Aging is a natural part of life, and it will happen no matter what. However, if you feel that your skin is lacking that certain “oomph,” Botox and fillers are a great way to restore volume to your face and give you a refreshed and revitalized appearance.