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What are they good for?

In Southern California, the constant exposure to the sun produces severe skin damage. As we get older, some of that damage is manifested by irregular or blotchy pigmentation spots, called solar lentigenes, which can occur on face, arms, hands, shoulders, and chest. All theses areas can be treated with the IPL PHOTOFACIALS IN IRVINE, CA.

IPL PHOTOFACIALS IN OC also known as (IPL Rejuvenation), is an ideal treatment for skin care concerns ranging from:


2.Light Acne Scars 


4.Broken Capillaries

5. Hyper-Pigmentation

6. Dark Spots/ Sun Damage

IPL Photofacial involves a non-ablative laser that has been carefully calibrated to seek out specific pigments in the skin – redness, darker discolored patches or dark spots from acne scarring.

What Do IPL Treatments Feel Like?

The actual IPL Photofacial procedure feels like the mild snapping of rubber bands against the skin’s surface. With each snap, the IPL Photofacial penetrates deep below the skin’s surface to treat the issues at the source.

How Many Treatments do I need to see Results?

For successful elimination of redness, sun spots and old acne scars, a patient will likely require multiple IPL Photofacial treatments. The Photofacial can truly create a marked difference in the patient’s skin over time, since the skin continues to improve for weeks after the actual IPL treatment.

What is the Post-Procedure Care?

Immediately following an IPL Photofacial, a patient is free to resume his or her daily activities. A brief period of facial redness is the most common side effect of the IPL Photofacial, although this can easily be covered up with a mineral liquid foundation, powder or a concealer until the redness subsides, usually within an hour or so.

How Long does it Take?

Each IPL Photofacial treatment is conveniently quick and takes only about fifteen to twenty minutes from start to finish. For this reason, many patients seamlessly integrate their IPL Photofacial into their lives by getting treatments during their lunch hour.


Our Advanced Brightening Package

before and after
“I love how my skin looks.
I used to be embarrassed to go out because of my brown patches.
Everyone at work has complimented me and
my husband too saw a big difference.
Thank you Skin & Beyond for helping
me with my skin condition.” ~ Cora A